To Make These Photos I Broke The Law

truck on njta

It is illegal to stop on the New Jersey Turnpike, except for an emergency. I didn’t make these photos because it was illegal to do so – though admittedly that made it a bit more exciting. Really,  I made them because growing up I never knew that the turnpike was ugly.  From the back seat […]

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Me, My Daughter and Pope Francis


She was asked to wear clothes that were traditional from her native country. My daughter Miel, unlike most of her classmates at the United Nations International School, is from the United States. She was born in Taos, New Mexico and since neither of us thought she should dress as a cowgirl or pilgrim – red, white […]

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Paris Is Always A Good Idea


It was my first time in Paris and my first time in France. I will sheepishly admit that I could not get the sound of Pepé Le Pew’s voice out of my head. My French language skills are limited to ordering coffee, cheese or bread so instead of talking I just listened to the sound of French, […]

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Peace Corps: It Lasts A Lifetime

Huitan to Solola0170

  I had a conversation with a cashier this week. While bagging my groceries she asked what passion fruit tastes like. Which led into a chat about Guatemala. She’s a high school senior from the South Bronx. Her eyes widened when I mentioned Peace Corps. She’d been to Senegal and would like to go back. […]

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How A $100 Propane Stove Ignited Feminism

Huitan to Solola0424blogfeature

When Dominga was 18 she and her boyfriend were both studying to become teachers.  Her boyfriend became a teacher while Dominga became pregnant. In the Highlands of Guatemala when a woman becomes pregnant her education is over, if it wasn’t over already. I met Dominga in 1993 she was nearly 20 years old and I […]

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Work In Progress

NJ Turnpike Feb 6th0061

“The show doesn’t go on because it’s ready; it goes on because it’s 11:30.” –  Lorne Michaels The truth is when you are a documentary photographer “a work in progress” can be going on for days, years and even decades. Some of my stories take time to develop or part of the story has to […]

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Storm Juno: New York City

Storm Juno_5th avenue_Dorie Hagler_nyc

Last night in Madison Square Park, I was lying down in the snow with my camera at a difficult angle  and my body contorted in a strange position, when another photographer passed by me and said, “The things we do for our art.”  Truth is when I am having some sort of photo adventure I […]

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I Can’t Breathe


I Can’t Breathe. ” I Can’t Breathe”  is a powerful chant.  I heard it repeated all over Foley Square in downtown New York City last Thursday night, December 4th, during a protest. That night I photographed many different people and yet I knew that I was intentionally photographing mostly black men because after all that […]

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My Time in Prison

One of the cells I visited at Graterford prison in PA.

It wasn’t my first time in a maximum-security prison. It also wasn’t the first time I’ve walked away from an assignment not knowing exactly how I felt about what I had just seen and photographed. I’ve felt this way before – the combination of compassion for the human condition, anger over racial and socio-economic injustices and […]

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School Picture Day

This is Ralph Hagler, my father's first cousin.

School Picture Anxiety Remember those mornings of school picture day? Pigtails were put in just a little too tight, shag haircuts worse than usual and in my case the polyester Danskin outfits was always itchy. Every year the photographer was a man and his assistant was always a pretty young woman whose role was to […]

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